What do students learn about the importance of multiple perspectives?

“We usually misunderstand things and we only get the point of view that our society gives us.”

 “So we can see all sides to things and truly understand it.”

 “I think getting the answer from someone who actually lives there is best because you get a perspective of someone who is used to these types of things. If you watch a news broadcast about the South Korean government, their perspective will be way different from that of a South Korean teenage resident.”

 “It is important to have a full picture of a topic so a "single-story" is not created. Single stories can be problematic because you have a narrow view on the topic instead of the entire picture.”

What do students say about this curriculum?

“This was a really cool project because I got to literally talk to someone on the other side of the world.”

“I talked to them and they’re a lot more similar to us then what I thought.”

“(When we started) I said that they were bad people with no feelings and they were cruel…When I was talking to my pen pal she proved me wrong cause she was very funny and she told me so much about South Korea.”

 “I thought Netherlands was a made up island from the movie Peter Pan.”

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